Welcome to the Climate Emergency Network

This community is for residents, activists, councillors, officers who are committed to making their community zero carbon in emergency mode. Feel free to ask questions, share thoughts, ideas, information about Housing, Transport, Land Use, Energy and much more. Started on 1st February 2019, so not many posts yet!


Hi, is this brand new? I can’t see anyone posting…

Yes, only hours old. There were 200+ members on the old Basecamp group, so shouldn’t be long before some of them turn up :grinning:

Looks a lot easier to navigate.

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Hope so, it’s much more adaptable than Basecamp.

Thanks for setting this up Kevin - instantly feels better than basecamp - would be good to know what platform it is?? Much appreciation!

It’s Discourse which I am self hosting, on a renewable powered server from Upcloud.


Where do I find the Basecamp posts from April 2019 please?

Are Citizen’s Juries (see 2 Mar webinar posted in other discussion group) different from XR’s ‘Citizen’s Assemblies’?

Date above has a typo: 2019 should read 2020.

You can find the Basecamp posts here Basecamp Copy of discussions etc
‘Citizen’s Juries’ usually refers to smaller scale Citizen’s Assemblies (up to 30 people?).

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Hi Kevin,
Is this the place to ask questions? If not I would be grateful if you could put this in the right place.

Camden’s Climate Action Plan says that Camden will plant new trees as climate change mitigation. However, the quantity proposed will make very little difference to emissions caused by Camden’s tree management strategy. This strategy involves woodchopping everything from 100 year old trees to a huge amount of biomass removed by pollarding annually, a lot of which is unnecessary (and also causes a lot of trees to die). The woodchip is burnt in power plants as so called ’ carbon neutral’ energy. In order to make a difference to GHG emissions we need to keep carbon stored in trees on the ground. Question: does anyone know of a local authority that currently retrieves useable timber from this source of ‘waste’, and arranges for it to be stored, seasoned and fed into construction/manufacturing?