Welcome to Lewisham people

It would be great if this were a place for diverse groups in Lewisham to share information in a neutral space. I’m going to start by posting the latest piece of research that the council [Lewisham council update on progress in the Climate Emergency](http://councilmeetings.lewisham.gov.uk/documents/s71180/04%20Climate%20Emergency%20update%20210120.pdf


hello! just getting my head around what this forum is!

Hi Ashwini,

It was an attempt to get people networking on all of these topics, sadly hard to do!



Thanks, I’ll be attending the conference next week on behalf of Climate Action Lewisham, looking forward to learning more

Hi Ashwini, nice to see you here. I’m planning to attend the conference too, and hopefully a few others will come along from our group. It’s the day after our meeting with the Climate Resilience team of Lewisham council! I’ll try and get a few more of them here, as well as other borough stakeholders.

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