Procurement of products made in the UK support for climate emergency?

With councils reviewing their climate plans are there any requirements for councils to start to review the origin of the product they are purchasing in terms of carbon ? and do you think we should start to build in scoring on tenders on products which are made in the UK which offers a lower carbon footprint on products being made overseas ?


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Hi Mark, not directly related to carbon (more related to modern slavery and wider environmental issues), but it could be worth checking out Electronics Watch: Iā€™m not sure of the legalities but I know that public procurement is very heavily legislated, which does restrict what councils can do. Maybe the Electronics Watch team have advice

Many thanks Jamie i will look at Electronics Watch

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It is not always easy to understand impacts of procurement and not always correct to say UK sourced materials will have a lower carbon impact. Procurement teams in local councils should absolutely introduce sustainability assessment criteria in their purchases. Many high impact materials, e.g. building products, have Environmental Product Declarations, others have environmental product data sheets. A requirement to have this kind of information should be a policy to inform decision making and any decisions should look at the life cycle impacts, hopefully with common boundaries. Hope this helps