Local Plans & the Climate Emergency

First of all, a number of new administrations that took control of Local Authorities were faced with Local Plans that did little to address the climate emergency. In our case, the Plan was in front of an Inspector who still hasn’t come back with his final report 8 months later. However, we reluctantly decided that we had no option but to adopt the Plan and then immediately set a review in motion. Here’s a cautionary tale from South Oxfordshire of what can happen if you try to interrupt the cumbersome and ponderous process.

The Government are attempting to stop Local Authorities from making developers build homes that are fit for the climate emergency in their Local Plan, through the Future Homes Standard. The public consultation ends on February 7th. Here are some template letters and other materials to help you submit a response. Please can you all do this.


There is an XR action on this happening soon:

:house_with_garden::house_with_garden::house_with_garden: LOCAL REBELLION :house_with_garden::house_with_garden::house_with_garden:

When: 12:00 noon, Thurs, 6th Feb.
Where: Corner of Marsham St and Horseferry Rd

The UK Government has set a net-zero carbon target of 2050. This is too late. :sos: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Over 100 local authorities in the UK have adopted net-zero targets of 2030 or earlier, and 2025 in some cases. :hourglass::earth_africa:

The UK government should be empowering these efforts with the support they need, but instead it is taking steps that would prevent local authorities from achieving their early targets. :scream: 🤦‍♂

In its plans for a Future Homes Standard, the central government is hoping to “restrict local planning authorities from setting higher energy efficiency standards for dwellings”, setting an upper limit. :poop::poop:

On Thurs Feb 6th, we will hold an action by the offices of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), who are responsible for this. :eyes::loudspeaker:

Our message to government is simple: Don’t hold local authorities back from achieving their net-zero targets! 0⃣🔥

Unleash local potential, or get out the way. #UNLEASHLOCAL :house_with_garden::house_with_garden::house_with_garden: