Ideas please to increase biodiversity in small Mid Wales town

I’m looking for ideas that do not cost money for a list I’m compiling to send to the town council re their draft Action Plan arising from the Climate Emergency that they declared a year ago. Please would you add to this is that I have so far:

  • lobby County Council not to cut the verges in June but to leave them longer (I don’t know what the optimum time is but up my road the mowing/cutting doesn’t enhance driver visibility - the visibility was fine before- which I imagine is the reason it’s done)

  • audit the public green spaces in town that might be converted from monoculture green lawn to pollinator, butterfly and bee friendly habitats

  • increase the number of town planters with veg and herbs

  • increase volunteer education on biodiversity topics eg with an annual nature festival and regular online nature festivals

  • encourage/set up an apprentice scheme for a gardener for sustainable edible produce helpful to nature and humans

  • encourage/set up in the library activities to further knowledge of living with nature and sustainable living

  • lobby County Council to pedestrianise one lane of Main St, add a segregated cycle lane and only allow emergency vehicles, deliveries to shops and vehicles with a blue badge to circulate in the other lane

  • ban disposable barbeques, sign the petitions to supermarkets to stop selling these (they use charcoal from tropical forests)

  • ban single use plastic in Town Council venues

  • hold a citizens’ jury on what to do to increase biodiversity

Any ideas/comments most welcome and gratefully received, including on stuff on climate emergency.

Here’s the Draft Policy fyi:

Llanidloes Town Council acknowledges the Climate emergency and has agreed the following policy. The Town Council will

  • Take action to improve its practices and thus reduce its own contribution to climate change
  • Call on Wales and UK Government when appropriate, to provide support and resources to enable communities to move to becoming a net – zero carbon producer
  • Work with other organisations such as Renew Wales, Powys County Council, other Town and Community Councils and local businesses to help counter climate change
  • Encourage resilience to climate impact for example through encouraging sustainable practices
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Produce and action plan


  1. Bring together interested parties to shar knowledge and to support those groups and residents

  2. Consider an annual budget for climate related small grant awards

  3. Encourage the use of sustainable practices when responding to planning applications

  4. To support the use of renewable energy and where possible use renewable energy in Town Council owned buildings

  5. To publicise events etc via the Town Council Website

  6. To seek to improve bus routes and consider local leaflet with timetables etc

  7. To ask those organising Town events to consider their use of single use plastic and reduce this as much as possible

  8. Encourage use of recycling/reusable points as much as possible, e.g. Woosnam and Davies for Spectacles, PC-Q for recycling ink cartridges etc

  9. Request PCC reinstate recycling points in Llanidloes, i.e. Green Waste, Glass, Cardboard etc

  10. Encourage the planting of trees where ever possible

We welcome any comments or feedback on our Climate Policy. Please email the Town Clerk at


Thank you.

You might consider joining Surfers Against Sewage who run a plastic free campaign. Set up local FB groups for Plastic Free, Climate Action, Waste Not Want not. These may be a catalyst for new community groups working on these issues.
South Oxfordshire has excellent recycling rates - you could check out what they are doing and lobby your local District and County councils to emulate them. eg food waste recycling, Garden Waste, All recylables in one bin.
Plant trees in your town where possible. Encourage people to plant trees in their gardens - you can get trees for community projects from the Woodland trust so you could offer free trees to gardeners and farmers.
Hope this helps.

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