Encourage Cycling & Walking

Comments from Cabinet Advisory Group (January 2020)

  • Work with Universities, RLI to create a District wide Travel Plan.
  • Travel Plans for schools/work with schools/work with LYFE to engage young children.
  • Ask school children why people don’t cycle or walk.
  • Better lighting needed.
  • Increase width of pavements/cycle paths.
  • More bike racks in town and public buildings.
  • The canal path is too dark & narrow - not safe.
  • Cycle routes need to be designed by cyclists.
  • Introduce subsidies for electric bikes or have an electric bike hire scheme.
  • Investigate where schools have banned cars from parking near schools & use walking buses.
  • Encourage school walking buses
  • Change catchment areas of schools so that children go to their local schools.
  • Identify high accident spots & focus on making roads safer.