Declarations of Climate Emergency

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Hi Kevin,

This was the declaration passed unanimously last July. I’ve just reported on our progress in six months which has been amazing in some respects but bitterly disappointing in others.

In the light of practical considerations, if I were writing the motion now, I’d change a few things but then again, we do need to be ambitious, at least in intent even if the practical action is a challenge!

Lyme Regis Town Council agrees to:

  1. Declare a ‘climate and environmental emergency’.

  2. Sign up to the ‘Be the Change’ initiative in partnership with the UN to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (and be the first town council in the South West to join?)

  3. Work with existing groups and organisations already fulfilling sustainability, environmental and climate action - Turn Lyme Green/ Plastic Free Lyme; Lyme Forward; the Lyme Regis Development Trust; the Lyme Regis Society; the business community, churches, schools, charities and voluntary groups - to deliver selected Sustainable Development Goals.

  4. Pledge to make Lyme Regis Town Council carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions.

  5. Call upon National Government and Dorset Council to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target and SDGs possible.

  6. Work with other local councils to determine and implement best practice methods to limit global warming to less than 1.5⁰C.

  7. Continue to work with partners across the Lyme Regis area (Uplyme and Charmouth) to deliver the new goals through all relevant strategies and plans.

  8. Set up and support a ‘One Planet’(‘Be the Change’/SDG) Working Group to:
    • conduct an audit of all Town Council activities and implement sustainable practices
    • calculate carbon footprints for all Town Council activities then seek offsetting mechanisms for them
    • review the Town Council’s progress and good work
    • co-ordinate existing and potential activities of the community groups and interested individuals towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

  9. Prepare a report within 6 months with the actions Lyme Regis Town Council will take to address the ‘climate and environmental emergency’ and achieve success in more Sustainable Development Goals as a partner in the UN’s ‘Be The Change’ initiative through the ‘One Planet’ group:
    Lazy Person’s Guide -

Belinda Bawden
Revised 3rd July 2019

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Hi Kevin,

This was the declaration passed unanimously by Helston Town Council on 21st March 2019:

That Helston Town Council:
a) Declares a climate emergency;
b) Pledges to work towards making Helston carbon neutral by 2030;
c) Work with Cornwall Council to assist them with their declaration to make Cornwall carbon neutral by 2030;
d) Act as a voice for the community to lobby for action on climate change, raise the profile and share lessons with higher levels of government;
e) Continue to work with the community of Helston and its surrounding parishes to deliver this new goal through all relevant strategies and plans; and
f) As a member of the Helston Climate Action Group, assist with the preparation of an Action Plan within six months to address this emergency.

With the benefit of hindsight we would have included the preservation of biodiversity, and support for building adaptation and resilience in the community. These topics emerged very strongly from our work on producing our Climate Action Plan.

Jules Lewis
Helston Climate Action Group

Watlington Parish Council in South Oxfordshire declared back in March 2019 but we’re still working on an action plan. We have an active Climate Action Group in town tho’.

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The Gorge Parish Council (comprising five communities within the Ironbridge Gorge in Telford, Shropshire) declared a Climate Emergency in October last year. Since then we’ve made limited progress in realising our motion in to actions, essentially because we’ve been dealing with a significant period of flooding, which took most of our focus, restricted access to our office and resulted in a number of meetings being cancelled. I’ve now become Chair and have tried to move things on. Our primary authority, Telford & Wrekin Council have similarly declared a Climate Emergency and have set up a Climate Working Group, of which we’ll be a part of. We plan on setting up a similar group within our parish, involving representatives from within the community and from other relevant organisations.

Hi Kevin, I am a resident of Warwick and we have seen some progress on a Climate Action Plan. (Unfortunately the referendum was cancelled / postponed , due to Covid etc ) However I was wondering whether anyone was aware of any legal obligations that fall upon a County Council or District Council in the event they declare a climate emergency. For example relating to failure to protect life, living standards, health etc once they have identified an impending threat. Progress by our County Council is very slow and less ambitious. I was at a talk earlier in the year where this point was made but wanted to get more details. Thank You