Council can require above building regs energy efficiency

Leicester Climate Action has put together a document showing that councils can insist on above national building regs levels of energy efficiency for new developments.
You can download it here:
Hope it’s useful.

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Hi @zinazelter
Thanks for the link. I guess you know that the Government want to take this power away from Councils with the Future Homes Standard. There are only 2 days left to respond to the consultation. See here for help with your response.

Link not working for me and can’t find a website related to the name given here. Is this on the council’s own site?

The website given for Leicestershire Climate Action is listed in Google but appears to not be working @zinazelter

That’s odd, it works for me.
Our website is called
Go to the working groups pages in the top menu and click on climate friendly homes for all.
The link to the document is at the bottom of that page.

Does anyone have access to see the LABC’s response to the Future Homes Standard consultation? My council say they were supportive of it, but I would like to see what ‘it’ was.

I found the Leicester document here: . However all examples quote local plans which call for 19% better than building regs. In our case (Swindon) the local plan still refers to Code for Sustainable Homes. I am looking for cases from other authorities who have legacy requirements for CSH in their local plans who successfully argued that although CSH can no longer be called for, the authority can still require energy efficiency 19% above building regs, or SAP 86 or above, ideally larger applications that have stood up to appeal. We have a 2500 home development before outline committee tonight and any examples gratefully received!

Note this document from Stroud is helpful on local plans and SER/SAP specification: