Ban or discourage private cars from the city centre

Banning or discouraging private vehicles from the city centre will cut carbon and improve air quality. This could be through a congestion charge for combustion vehicles. Examples: London’s congestion charge; Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone

(Ashden Action 10 31 Climate Actions for Councils)

In our Borough they are currently considering removing the resident’s discount on parking. It is within a budget that desperately needs to increase revenue/make savings - so it is perhaps misleading to give the climate emergency as a reason for the proposed change, particularly when in the budget it is shown as a £650k increase in revenue. I believe it does need to be considered but as part of a system approach i.e. if you dis-incentivise residents from parking locally, how do you also stop them driving further to do their shopping. Obviously you need to make it easier and cheaper to get to town by foot, bike or public transport, but in a council lacking the money for public investment how can this happen? I’d be really interested in hearing from anyone that has implemented a systematic way to reduce private car-use.

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