Ban or discourage cars

Comments from Cabinet Advisory Group (January)

  • Stop car parking subsidies for employees/councillors & replace with bus & bicycle subsidies.
  • Low emissions zones for non-residents.
  • Provide free buses at Xmas.
  • Park & Ride - more capacity & buses. Add Southern P&R.
  • Better, cleaner buses.
  • Consider a tram system.
  • Expand pedestrian zone, eg. Dalton Square.
  • Start our own bus company (there are 10 municipally owned in the UK).
  • Get bus companies to work together. Introduce contactless.
  • Minimise negative & financial impact on residents who live in Marsh/Castle/Bulk/JOG Wards whose only road access in or out is via the A6.
  • How would people get to/from South Lancaster to Skerton/Morecambe?
  • Issues if/when M6 closes & pushes motorway traffic onto the A6.
  • Encourage Employers to create Travel Plans.